YEAR: 2010


The Housing corporation Havensteder asked us to design a welcoming public space for the renters in the Norht part of Rotterdam. Besides the landscape design that we realised we thought this was the perfect moment to introduce a more inspirational design for outdoor furniture: the Art Bench.


The art bench started as a standard bench to make people meet and relax in the park. We presented the plan to the neighbors and realized they want to have a say in the further design of the bench. The bench for now functioned as a seating place alone, but we wanted the bench to be more than that, the bench can contribute to the esthetics of the park. The empty space on the back of the seat is ideal to function as a canvas for art. We found artists that were willing to contribute their art to the art bench. Soon, we had a variety of art pieces that potentially could be used on the bench. We gave the neighbors the choice; which art do they like for their park? The neighbors were very enthusiastic when we asked for their opinion. We took the top rated art pieces and used them for the art bench. The people of the neighborhood will remember their collaboration every time they visit the Silenepark.


Studio Id Eddy believes that involvement in projects will build a feeling of co-ownership and harmony amongst the inhabitants of a neighborhood.

Location: Rotterdam Schiebroek