Artist statement


As a person and artist, I think it is important to bring more of the natural world back into people's lives. Nature is a miracle, it is a beauty that transcends our intellect and touches our hearts directly. That is the inspiration for my work; I explore our relationship with the natural world and represent it through my interventions.



The works I make often have a dilemma locked in themselves. For example, I work with materials that people have created and that destroy our nature. I want to ban linear processes as much as possible and work circularly. This can be done with waste, but also by recycling my own work over and over again. For example, I reuse plastic bags and bottles collected from Dutch rivers. Every time I use it to create a new temporary poetic anthropocene image.


We live in an Anthropocene world that has permanently changed nature as it once was. There is no way back. We know that everything in the world is connected by constant non-linear processes connected by a network of relationships. Philosopher Bruno Latour calls it ‘Gaia is War’ where people, economies and viruses, for example, determine the course of nature. According to him, it is no longer about the facts, but about the concerns: with shared concerns we have a basis to start changes. My concern is part of the growing concern of disastrous consequences of our linear
economy. With my work I show this concern as Anthropocene imaginary delusions.






2020 Rotterdam Business Innovation Award

2009 Dutch Design Award


2020 Ring of Swings - Best Building of the Year2021 - ArchDaily

2009 Finalist Best Spatial Design, DDA

2006 MS Research Art Award



2019 – Urban development is The Netherlands

2015 European Leadership Summit Burning Man, Amsterdam


2014 Matadero Madrid/On design in public space


2013 Museon The Hague/City of the future


2012 Innovation Estafette Horizon 2020 Amsterdam/Smart Cities


2010 Dutch Design Awards/Red Dot Design Museum Essen, Germany


2010 Rotterdam Pioneers/Clear Drinks at Watt Rotterdam


2009 Pecha Kucha Night at The Hague


2009 WMF Berlin Germany Pecha Kucha Night


2009 Museum Arts & Crafts Budapest Hungary Pecha Kucha Night


2009 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Spain - Special selection of Pecha Kucha Night


2007 Pecha Kucha Night at Off Corso Rotterdam


2007 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Rotterdam


2006 Pecha Kucha Night at Locus 010 Rotterdam



2014 Pop-up City: City Making in a Fluid World, ISBN 978-90-6369-354-1 


2012 Mothership yearbook


2012 Rotterdam Istanbul Express issue September and October


2009 Dutch Design Jaarboek 2009 (NAI)


2009 Route du Nord 2009


2009 Blauwe Kamer, magazine voor landschapsarchitectuur en stedebouw, ISSN1389-742x


2009 Audi magazine (2x)


2009 International Design Festival Berlin, ISBN 978-3-9812813-1-6, Germany


2008 Monu – Exotic Urbanism, ISSN 1860-3211


2008 KAAT magazine, ISSN 1875-3817


2008 Rotterdam Groenjaar 2008, Gemeente Rotterdam


2008 GREEN ISLAND, ISBN 978-88-6208-062-0, Italia


2006 Dit is Nederland, ISBN 90-78088-02-8


2006 MS Research Kunstprijs


2001 Erasmus magazine, Rotterdam


Exhibitions (selection)


Precious Water: underwater installation, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Duo presentation with Jasper de Gelder


IABR Ministerie van Maak: toekomst NL, leven met water
Gemeentehuis Woerden: A Flock of Fish - bottles, mens en water
Stadskantoor Utrecht: A Flock of Fish - bags, mens en water
De Posthoornslak, mens en natuur, Rotte, Rotterdam
Hoek van Holland met The Hermit Crab, mens en natuur
2022: Hilton Art Lab - Reflections on Water


Tropicana Fest in Rotterdam. Expositie met recycle art
Hoek van Holland met The Hermit Crab


DXIX - De Aanschouw in Los Angeles; Co/Lab 4 at Torrence Art Museum


Art Rotterdam Week - Rotterdam.Photo        


Mysteryland festival
Art weekend Witte de With
Maritiem Museum Rotterdam

Burning Man Dutch Decompression Amsterdam
Matadero Madrid
Barcelona Design Week
Art Rotterdam Week
Day of Architecture Delft

Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale, China
Istanbul Modern / Istanbul Design Biennal
Innovation Estaffette Horizon 2020 Amsterdam
Centre of Arts Rotterdam (solo)
Museum Night Rotterdam
Art Pie International Amsterdam


Route du Nord Rotterdam 
Creative Industry Week Shanghai 2010 China
Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010
Ruhr2010 European Capital of Culture 2010 Germany
Pecs European Capital of Culture 2010 Hungary
Red Dot Design Museum Essen, Germany      
Tenerife Design Festival Spain
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
Motel Mozaique
CBK Rotterdam
La Noche en Blanco Matadero Madrid
Wereld van Witte de With at Boijmans van Beuningen
DMY International Design Festival Berlin Germany  
WAMP Design Fair Budapest, Hungary
Museum Elburg
EU Regionale Temporaere Gaerten
Art Pie International Amsterdam
Artemis Sanat Merkezi Istanbul Turkey
Galerie De Aanschouw Rotterdam
Guerilla Store Comme de Garcons The Hague
Atrium of city hall The Hague
2001 - 2005         
Sr. Telmo, Buenos Aires Argentinië
KunstXpress at NAI/Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam
Witte de With art festival Rotterdam



Business information
Lijnbaan 131 - Rotterdam NL

Chamber of Commerce nr: 61252441