Studio ID Eddy is inspired by the most important value of the city: people. We bring people together and bring joy in their life. We are successful when we can inspire them, let them play, meet and enjoy. The focus is on the shared domain such as public space and semi-public spots. These places belong to the people, they are of important value to a city and the happiness of citizens. Unfortunately, in many cases the public space is not designed to function as such


We create happiness through poetic interventions in the public domain. The public interventions bring awareness about the present and future use of the public domain, but also motivate the users of the city to collaborate, grow and stimulate their happiness in the shared domains of the city. These interventions surprise, stimulate to meet, play and bring joy to the public domain.


We work together with local stakeholders, design studios, artists, universities in design and sustainability, architects, manufacturers (local) governments, placemaking organizations, urban planners and citizens.


We are experienced and open to work in a bottom-up process, a top-down approach or a combination of these two.

Feel free to contact us. 


Option to rent
Many of the art projects are for rent. The Flying Grass Carpet, the Urban Living Room and Colour Net are  examples of art installations that travel to different cities and events all over the world. If you want to have an installation in your city or event then please contact us.


Of course you can buy the different art and design products such as the light objects and photos. Also the bigger installations are for sale.