YEAR: 2014


Colour Net is a huge colour explosion of 30 meters, the top of the net can reach up to 10 stories high!

Because of the height the net represents the feeling of a building. Through the semi- transparency of the net the different layers of colors will come to you and

create an optical color-mix, this makes the net magic. The real potential of the net will come when the user walks around the net and concentrates on the different layers of colours in the net, only then the magic comes to you.


Colour Net is created through the collaboration of the artist Eddy Kaijser and design- entrepreneur Ivo Vrouwe. Because of the multidisciplinary collaboration the poetry and constructive input Colour Net came together smoothly. The construction of Colour Net is new, for this new experimental way of building we used climbing ropes, press clips and scaffolding banners. The structure came to life through a combination of techniques, knotting techniques, geometry spans, and

computer algorithms. With the help of a crane the soft structure of the net comes alive. This new technique allowed us to use relatively few materials that resulted in a big gesture.


The goal of Colour Net is to spread technical knowledge and skills as combination in the sculptural world. The public space is a workfield, allowing new tools and techniques to make a subtle introduction. Colour Net aims to approach the accidental passer-by, the goal is to seduce and inspire.


Fun fact: The net is completely handmade and includes 2500 meters of rope, 900 press clips, 5000m2 scaffolding and 9000 tie wraps!


Colour Net is for rent, for information please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Colour Net is a project by Studio ID Eddy in co-operation with Workshop IV


Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)