YEAR: 2010



The Flying Grass Carpet landed in 2009 at the international design fair DMY Berlin. There was a spontaneous combination setup with Seats Fatboy. This was a perfect combination. It was the strategy for further cooperation between Fatboy and The Flying Grass Carpet. The designers of The Flying Grass Carpet, Studio ID Eddy & HUNK-design, have made 2 special designs for Fatboy. One for the model Outdoor and one for the model Avenue.




The Flying Grass Carpet started bringing lots of people together, but we also want people to spend more time and relax in a comfortable way on the carpet. When the sitting bags were introduced, there were even more people interacting and the experience was complete. Everyone sitting, laying down, playing, laughing, eating, and talking in the open, public space of the city.




The design of the sitting bag is inspired on the pattern of The Flying Grass Carpet. The bright colors and straight lines can be found in the pattern of the carpet. The sitting bags and The Flying Grass Carpet are a bright colored, happy, inviting and combine function with beauty.