YEAR: 2012


The Jerry Light is a modular and stackable light design, based on the principle of re-use of objects and materials. The basic form is a jerry can. The Jerry Light can be used as a building block to make giant luminescent walls. Jerry Light has travelled as part of a public space project to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Istanbul. The project creates new functions and use of public space with it’s main purpose to bring a social meeting place to residents of the cities.


At the moment the Jerry Lights function as part of the Urban Living Room. The Urban Living Room is for rent, to see more of the project please see the website www.urbanlivingroom.org.



Color of outer skin: RAL 5015

Material Hotspray PU.

Light Sources: LEDs 12V/220V/solar

The Jerry Light has a Poly Urethane hotspray finish.

Options: 220V or solar energy