YEAR: 2013


Castle is a pop-up concept designed to make the people’s experience at events better. Events bring a lot of people together that need different facilities. People want to eat, store their stuff, go to the toilet or bring their kids to a kindergarten. The problem at most events is that facilities are far apart from each other. The facilities can also take up much time to build up/off and transport. The time we use to get to all these facilities is a waste, people should spend their time how they like.




Studio ID Eddy has taken this problem and designed a solution that brings an answer to all the described problems. Castle is a pop up center that creates space for facilities. With the smart unfolding design, the castle can easily be build up and off. The round design and high top of the castle makes it easy to approach the castle and be found from every angle. The castle has three floors with a 360 degrees view, the view will stimulate people to interact and take a relaxing moment within all the chaos. The main floor has a restaurant/bar where people can easily walk in and out, relax, sit and meet in or around the castle.