Throughout the years Studio ID Eddy has made several site specific photography installations. The photos used for these projects come from the private collection of Eddy Kaijser. All the installations are custom made and that makes the art so strong, the piece finds direct contact with the environment and enhances the excisting situation. There are projects with panorama installations, opposite streetsite installations and other situations were the art piece embraces the current environment it stands in. Each art piece has a story of his own, it is the story behind the photography that gives the art extra dept and value to the audience.


The picture above this text is a project that is made in collaboration with Marcel Niehoff, together with Eddy Kaijser they made an art installation that communicates through opposite sides of a street in Rotterdam. The Photo The Laundry is made by Eddy Kaijser and Girl on Chair is made by Marcel Niehoff. The two art pieces complete each other. They share the furniture, the view and static, slow pace of time. Together they insinuate a room. This way an inner space has been created in public space.


The picture on the bottom of this page is a 3d photo installation. The big panorama photo installation (18m2) has been completed entirely by Studio ID Eddy. The three panel photo set-up gives a 180 degree optical effect. The landscape image gives a large, free feeling that brings you to a different location within seconds. This panorama has been made because it is impossible in the Netherlands to see a empty, outstretched landscape without any human alterations. The picture in this panorama brings you to that place were you feel unrestrained, free and one with the nature without having to leave the Netherlands.


The picture used for this project comes from the private collection of photos of Eddy Kaijser.


We make custom made photo installation on request. If you have a place that needs enhancement or you have an idea involving photography installation, you are more then welcome to share your thoughts and we can see if there is something we can do for you.


Rotterdam, corner Zwaanshals/Snellemanstraat

Commisioned by PWS and Centre of Arts Rotterdam