Organic Growth


Urban Intervention/ Art Installation/ Green/ Interactive/ Social Design/ Revitalise






Organic growth is a process that is aimed to transform the public domain into a social space where people can meet, exercise and enjoy. The process is equally important as the tangible outcome of the public space itself. The process has different stages, including short term goals and long term goals.


As the title suggests, it is an organic growing process. Social cohesion is not only the outcome but also the key to revitalization. Social cohesion will be present in the process from the start. The tangible outcome of the plot will grow step by step. It is created and ‘owned’ by the local community. For this process we need resources. For different reasons we choose for resources (bamboo, weaving, water and cement) that are widely available in Vietnam. This will help to make the plan sustainable. We want the community to profit in social and economic ways. Also the stakeholders like suppliers will have a spin off. It will encourage them to participate.


We aim for an innovative process: let’s investigate and develop new ways of applying the natural resources of Vietnam. On a bigger scale the growing process towards innovation will bring new opportunities. The locals can profit from this process by participating in the educational course which will help them to find jobs.


We will create social cohesion, a beautiful public space where people meet and play and we start an economic process from which both the community and stakeholders will profit.